Thursday, July 25, 2002

So, what's up? I have a new neuro appointment. The first week in September. I've also been struggling through bureaucratic Hell to find a psychiatrist. I was halfway through negotiations with one clinic when they informed me that my medical insurance "did a cut-out on mental health care." Which turned out to mean I had to go to a separate Website to check mental health, that the out-of-network penalty was 50% coverage, and that the people I'd been talking to were definitely out-of-network. Before this happened, I had gone through the fun-fun-fun of a phone pre-interview to discuss the intimate psychiatric details of why I had to see a psychiatrist. With a total stranger. In a shared office. Do you love the American health-care system, or what?

On the good news front, I'm working on a novel. Every morning I get up after reading the paper and write. I like what I'm writing. I'm scared and in major avoidance mode (yesterday I cleaned out the catbox rather than write), but I also feel hopeful. It's kind of like pregnancy. This is the right thing to do, but terrifying.

Which leads me to fanfic. I owe a debt. I have a half-finished WIP that's been half-finished for a year now. I have promised to finish it. Right now, the single most important thing in my life (well, after husband and kids) is writing the real novel. The stakes are a lot higher. It's a lot harder. I apologize to anybody who wants more of "Something In Between", but it isn't going to get any attention until I have a solid first draft of the salable (I hope) book.