Monday, March 04, 2002

We came, we saw, we bought a house.

I cannot describe how much I love this house. Actually, I can, because I wrote a letter to the seller. (This is surprisingly common in California, although usually it's done when multiple people are bidding for the same house. Yes, they routinely have closed-envelope auctions of desirable houses. You submit your bid to the selling realtor, then the buyer looks at all the bids and decides which s/he likes best. If a house is being sold this way, you try to look warm and winsome, include pictures of the family and the dog (no lie!), and so on, because there will probably be multiple bids at the same price and you want to stand out.)

We fell in love with newaddress for the garden, the kitchen, and of course the view. The house keeps its secrets; from the front, you see the pretty rose-covered gate, the entry path, and the painted door. Then you walk inside and discover a spacious home with a magnificent vista.

The garden is a delight. The back garden is truly an extension of the house; the deck and the upper terrace provide as much sitting room outside as in. The plantings are cleverly designed to be beautiful both from above and at ground level. We love the combination of decorative and edible plants. If you accept our offer, Jonquil would like to talk to you sometime about what’s planted where and what needs special attention.

We’ve seen a lot of kitchens in our house hunt. Many of them have been designed to impress – elaborate finishes, expensive tiles, granite counters. Your kitchen was obviously designed for a cook. The stove is a professional tool; the storage space is well-thought out, and the working space is comfortable. It’s clean, handsome, and inviting. We especially like the living space off the kitchen, because the people who aren’t cooking can sit in the dining room or sitting area and talk to the cook.

And then there’s the view. When you look out the living and dining room windows, and when you stand on the deck, you can see the valley spread out before you. There’s a panoramic view of the sky at night. It’s exhilarating to look out at the world.

The house itself is nicely laid out. The bedrooms are generous and comfortable; the living room and dining room are large, inviting, and take full advantage of the glorious view.

We love your house, and we hope you’ll choose to sell it to us.

Every word is heartfelt. I love this house.

Oh, also I learned to tat, and mostly learned to net.