Wednesday, December 05, 2001

From a Yahoo article:

Bobby Jindal, HHS assistant secretary for planning and evaluation, told reporters at a congressional health policy briefing that the bar codes [on prescriptions] would contain a unique product code, plus the expiration date and lot number.

The bar code would be matched against a similar code a hospital patient would have, probably on the wristband patients wear for identification.

Call me unreasonable, but I don't like the thought of the hospital putting an expiration date on me, coded or otherwise.

Mysterious Cultural Phenomenon #105:
Liturgical Dancewear.

I've read about liturgical dance in the local paper. After all, David danced before the Lord, why can't we? (David also arranged for his lover's husband to be murdered, but you don't see that in the Sunday bulletin.) I just wrote it off as yet another Not-Like-Me moment.

Until I saw the above catalog page. Apparently it's okay if women dance before the Lord, as long as they don't have breasts, hips, or collarbones. Because, y'know, it's church.

This bothers me. There are certainly women in the congregation wearing form-fitting (if modest) dresses. But having women dancing in form-fitting clothes -- why, you might think about their bodies rather than their dance. And guys aren't in control of their thoughts when they see women in leotards, so let's solve the problem by ruffling every body part that might provoke Impure Thoughts. But not in a becoming way. Sort of a Southern Christian burka.

So, liturgical dance is done by women, for mixed-gender audiences, but in clothes far more concealing than they would normally wear to church. Because dance is good, but bodies are bad.