Friday, September 07, 2001

Yesterday I told my manager that I expected to be giving notice soon. I just couldn't bear her planning for next CD release and depending on my assistance.

Now if the company would just Give Us The Bloody Offers so that we could actually resign and start planning the move...

My husband told me last night that this whole dance started June 15. Please let it end soon?

Wednesday, September 05, 2001

In public-school science class yesterday, the sixth-grade children were asked to cover their textbooks. They had a choice of two covers: one promoting Gatorade, one promoting antiperspirant. My daughter promptly turned hers inside-out and used the white side.

I'm raising a subversive! Hooray!

You may notice that most of my "smart kid" stories are about my daughter. I think this is because (A) she's older and (B) most of his conversation at the moment revolves around what Mario is up to.


All summer we've had heavy, ominous, impending weather, without the thunderstorms that normally follow.

All summer I've had migraines. Sometimes incapacitating, always painful, 3-5 a week. I lost most of Labor Day weekend to migraines.

This is terrifying. I pray it's the local weather. Other women I know say this has been the worst migraine summer they can remember. But what if it isn't? What if I have to deal with this for the rest of my life? What if it's an impending stroke?